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Share License server to activate copyright for products in the ecosystem of Jetbrains. You can activate the products below:



The guide only uses for study purpose, the article only wishes to share it with the community, not encouraging free use.

If available, purchase products at: https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/buy/

How to use

1. Download Jetbrains agent

Download Jetbrains agent here.

Extract to /home/ntc/jetbrains-agent.jar for Ubuntu, /Users/ntc/jetbrains-agent.jar for Mac, -javaagent:C:Users\ntcjetbrains-agent.jar for Windows.

2. Config Custom VM Options

Open your application (PHPStorm, Webstorm, .etc), choose Help -> Edit Custom VM Options

Add new line to this file:

# mac:      

Save and restart IDE.

3. Update License

Choose Help -> Register -> License Server, fills Server address with:



4. Notes

If jetbrains-agent.jar not working, you can follow this step:

  • Remove all config concern to Jetbrains like account.jetbrains.com www.jetbrains.com  

in /etc/hosts.

  • Add new line https://account.jetbrains.com:443 in C:\\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts for Windows users.

Activation code work for:

  • IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate / Activation Code IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate (2019.3.3 and down)
  • Rider / Activation Code Rider (2019.3.2 and down)
  • GoLand / Activation Code GoLand (2019.3.2 and down)
  • AppCode / Activation Code AppCode (2019.3.5 and down)
  • CLion / Activation Code CLion (2019.3.4 and down)
  • PyCharm Professional / Activation Code PyCharm Professional (2019.3.3 and down)
  • WebStorm / Activation Code WebStorm (2019.3.3 and down)
  • RubyMine / Activation Code RubyMine (2019.3.3 and down)